Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Gift Planner

I know that I am skipping projects, (you have yet to see the Disney Autograph album), but after I finished this planner, I was so excited that I had to share!

This planner is my Christmas version of the Dave Ramsey (cash) envelope system. If you know me, my family has been debt free for a while and we use this system every Christmas. The system works like this: Each person that I have to buy for gets an envelope. Then after decided on how much to spend on that person, I put that amount in cash in their envelope. Once it's gone, NO MORE SPENDING!!! It also helps you realize just how much you spend on Christmas presents. And if you want more info about the cash system and Dave Ramsey's baby steps to get out of debt, check out his web site

Ok, now the detail on the planner. This is made from chipboard, cardstock, and envelopes that were left over from my wedding eleven years ago!! I took the envelopes and made sure they were all facing with the flap towards me. This is the easiest for opening the envelopes. Then I punched the holes with the Bind It All. Then using cardstock cut to the same size as the envelopes, I made three dividers. This will just help me find a persons envelope faster. The chipboard is from sticker packages that fit perfectly, I just had to cut off the hole for hanging. It is about a 1/4 inch bigger than the envelope all the way around.

I decided that I wanted to be able to reuse my planner next year too. So I attached a 2 3/4 inch by 6 inch piece of cardstock to each envelopes flap.

I will add the person's name, age, sizes, and budgeted amount to the front of that. Next year, I will be able to remove that piece of paper and replace it with a new one without tearing up the envelopes.

Now all the embellishing!! This paper is from a Christmas stack from Hobby Lobby. I love these colors for Christmas! It just seems so festive and girly!! It had some stickers that I wouldn't normally use on layouts, so I used them to decorate the cover and dividers. Also used were, CTMH Christmas Melodies Stamp set, Recollections stamp set, CTMH inks, Ocean and Watermelon, various ribbons, Cricut cartridge Joy of the Seasons, and bling. I hope that you like this as much as I do! Happy crafting!!