Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toy Story birthday decorations!

I was so busy last week that I took a few days off to catch my breath! But I am back and thought that I would share with you one of the reasons why I was sooooo busy! I just had a week to get all this done, so I worked on it every chance I got.

The twins have been into Toy Story for a while, so I bought this cartridge just for their birthday party.

I had planned on making a birthday banner, but changed it to a centerpiece because the place where we had their party, wouldn't let us hang stuff on the walls. Most of the characters are cut out at six inches with med pressure and high speed so I was able to cut that small. I rubbed the back of the cuts with sand paper so they would pop out cleanly. But at this size, most of these characters were such a pain!! I put them on skewer sticks and filled the paint can up with styrofoam. I covered all that up with some shredded paper.

I loved the alien so much that I decided to add him to the front of the goodie bags. I printed out a message to add to the front of the bag using the Gilbert Ultra Bold font. It looks just like the Toy Story font and you can download it for free.

The cakes were a hit too! Although I decided to go the easy way and order these cakes from Sam's club. These were perfect! Easy to serve the kids the cupcakes, but we had plenty of room for candles!

So now I am finished with the Toy Story party and we are moving on to my oldest son's party, Easter, Pinewood Derby, swaps, design team projects, gifts..........oh my! I guess I will have lots of projects to share with you!!! Happy crafting!

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LindaC said...

Wow, what an awesome centerpiece, gift bags, and cake. Girl, you outdid yourself this time! You just amaze me with the ideas you have and carry through! Good job! I know your boys loved all of it!

mschiddy said...

Wow! You have been busy! You really did an amazing job on all of these projects!

Lisa said...

Love what you did!! Great job!

Melissa said...

What lucky little ones to have such an awesome party!!


Amanda said...

I love that centerpiece! I just made Buzz and Woody at about 10 inches so I can relate to the paper piecing at 6 inches!

Great job!

monkeyDluffy said...

What a great idea especially if you want to incorporate Buzz Lightyear/ toy story without being too Disney about it.

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