Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't lose those photos!!

Remember to back up your photos!!
This was one of my favorite photos from this month. We took a trip to the local indoor swimming pool. The boys had lots of fun! Happy crafting!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm not messy, I'm creative.

Does creative really mean messy? I think so. I am sure there are some crafters out there that keep their space very magazine ready at all times, but I am NOT one of those. Since I took over the dining room, with a promise to my hubby that I would keep it nice and tidy, it has never been clean. I can understand a messy desk, but supplies everywhere?? It's not working for me when it takes me ten minutes or longer to find paper for my layout. Or those stamps with the cool circles. Add in all the supplies for painting, beading, crocheting, and the sewing supplies, and I have one crazy workspace! So I am going through a 12 step program! I will post my steps soon and hope that you will join me if you need an intervention too!!
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Blog Award!!

Wow! Another sickness running through me! It feels like it's been forever since I have posted so please be patient with me as I get caught up!! With that said, I received an award from Natasha atCrafting With Natasha a couple of days ago!! She left me this award on her blog! She is still new to the blogging world so stop by and check out her site!

To accept this award, I have to tell you eight things about me and then give this award to other deserving blogs!

1-I am a movie buff thanks to my husband! We have seen so many movies, know useless movie trivia, and have an extensive DVD collection.

2-I have lived in four different states.

3-My house is full of Sharpies, Expo Markers, Calphalon, and Rubbermaid containers because my DH works for them.

4-I am a Coke Zero junkie.

5-I love to go to Zumba and shake what my momma gave me!

6-I have completed a triathlon.

7-I love to visit Las Vegas, but if I lived any closer, I think that I would be a gambling addict!

8-I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost thirteen years.

Now some wonderful blogs for you to visit:

Crystal @http:Crystalscraftycreations

Jenny @ atstudioj

Alison @adayinthelifeor5

Charlotte @Papercraftingchica

visit their wonderful blogs and leave them some love too! Happy crafting!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Litte Word Project

I know that it's a little late, but I finally came up with my One Little Word. In Ali Edward's class description, selecting your One Little Word is something you should think about, not just pick something and go with it. I had a long list of things that I wanted to focus on this year, but I couldn't find the ONE word that covered everything. Then a post on Crafty Steals Facebook page caught my eye. Alison Day said that her One Little Word was release and she listed alot of the same stuff that was on my list. (You can read her blog post here. As soon as I saw her word, I knew that was it. I needed to let go, to release of alot of things, both physically and metally. Anger, frustration, stress, weight, things in my house that I no longer need or want, bad habits. I no longer have room for these things in my life so I hope to use my One Little Word to help me focus on releasing these things, to make room for better things. Now my first goal will be to make something to remind me of my One Little Word. Maybe I can get to that soon. Happy crafting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Layout # 9, New Ink

One of my goals this year was to scrap more about me. Just last month, I finally got a new tattoo that I have been thinking about for a while. Three stars, one big one for my oldest, and two smaller ones for my twins. So a good reason to do a layout about me! (I still have to work on getting some pictures of me on the layouts!)

I printed my photo as a 5x7 since it was going to be the only one on the layout. I used some Paper Studio flowers with a Beadazzles center. I made a stick pin, and the paper ribbon. I tried one of the my crocheted trims, but it seemed too out of place, so I changed it to the paper ribbon. I added a little bit of mini pom-pom trim and some ribbon from the scrapbook store. The transparency was from the cover of a DCWV black and white stack. It was half of the cover, so I cut it out and used it. I added the metal charm and the epoxy brad. The paper is from the DCWV Cotton Bloom paper stack. The title is cut from the Cricut font Blackletter and welded together using my Gypsy. I am not sure I like the title. I was having a brain freeze or something, but I may change the title if I can come up with something else. If you have a suggestion, let me know. We all need a little help sometimes, right?!? Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Cavities-pages 5-8!

Four more pages done!!! I am determined to work through some of my scrap supplies! My shopping has been limited to things for my swaps, and some paper that I needed to finish these four pages!

These pictures are of my twin's first trip to the dentist! I was so worried that they would not do well, but they did great! Maybe it had to do with the tv's on the ceiling playing cartoons, or the treasure box, or the balloon animals that the hygenist promised them, who knows?!?! After some x-rays, the dentist said that they were cavitiy free!

These are the first two page layouts that I have done in a while, so I decided to keep them simple. I used some of the Rough and Tough double sided paper collection from Fancy Pants. The background is a printed distressed paper from Paper Studio along with the brads, and the epoxy arrow stickers. I used my Gypsy to make the title along with the circles. And again, I made a similar layout for my other son.
Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Crochet trim

One thing I have noticed on alot of scrapbook pages lately, has been crocheted items. Flowers, trims, and even doily's have shown up on some pages. And since I have recently picked back up my crochet needles, I had to try to make some trims. I made this one as pratice, but I love how it turned out. Since I used a heavier yarn, it is a little bulky, but I will try a smaller yarn. I punched evenly spaced holes along the side of my cardstock. It took me a few tries to get a stich combo that I liked. This one is 2 double crochets in each hole and then two chains. Then you can just slide the cardstock under your page element. I think a shell stich would be great as a trim on a page, but I have yet to figure out the spacing!

If you would like to try to learn crocheting, check out Lion Brand Yarn's website. They have great video and picture tutorials to show you all the basic stiches. Happy crafting!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

first day-layouts #3,4

Hey everyone! I am back to my somewhat normal self and ready to start posting again! Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes.

My layout goal this year is to get at least 52 layouts finished this year, so I am going to start posting my layout count to keep me up to date, (and honest!!)

These pictures have been on my desk since August, so I went with it. I had bought this K&I Memories kit from Tuesday Morning a long time ago. It came with chipboard elements, stickers, rub-ons, brads, and a paper pack, all for $7.99. I usually wouldn't buy all that together, but for that price, why not?!?

I used both sides of double sided paper for the strips along the side. For my embellishments I used some of the chipboard shapes, star shaped brads, a homemade epoxy sticker, iRock gems, and a paperclip. On the paperclip, I wrapped some school themed ribbon around the end, and used a glue dot to secure it. I love how it looks! The two paper strips in the upper right are secured with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher. I used the new cartridge Basic Font for the title.

The reason this is layout number 3 and 4 is because I made almost the exact same layout for my other twins' scrapbook. I make the same layout for each of my three boys to save time! Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Little Word project from Fiskars

Hey everyone! So sorry that I have been MIA for a few days. I had quite a few layouts to get posted this weekend, but unfortunately, I came down with a nasty case of strep throat. I am just starting to feel better, so hopefully those layouts will be posted in the next couple of days. In the meantime, check out this project over at the Fiskars site.

Alot of people have decided to do Ali Edwards One Little Word project. And this layout from Fiskars, is her one little word layout to display in her office. She also suggests making one for home, and a mini one for your purse.

I think it's a great layout and a great project to do. You can check out Ali Edwards One Little Word class description here. It's not too late to find your one little word. Happy crafting!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Don't lose your pictures.

One thing that I am really good about is keeping my photo's organized. However, I am not good about making sure they are backed up to another sorce other than my computers. I always meant too and then can you guess what happened one day? My desktop crashed and the idea that I lost so many photo's just made me cry! Fortunatly, my husband was able to fix it with a hair dryer of all things and as soon as it was up and running again, I moved all my pic's to an external hard drive. Just a couple of weeks later, it crashed again and I'm not sure we can fix it this time. So one of my goals this year is to make sure that they are backed up EVERY MONTH!! I would also like to learn to use my camera on manual setting and take better photos. So I am going to start posting monthly reminders to back up your photos, and also share one of my favorite photos of the month. Hopefully it will help me to get them backed up and remind you that you need to as well. I would hate for one of my readers to lose their photos. That's one of those things you can't replace!!

This photo is from my oldest son's scout meeting last month. He sold enough popcorn to earn a marshmallow shooter. He was so excited and when he got it, you could tell by the expression on his face! How could I lose such a cute photo?!?

Back 'em up, every month! Happy crafting!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day Blog Hop-2011 Layout

Welcome to the New Year's Day blog hop! You should have just joined us from Charlotte's blog, Papercraftingchic. I hope you have enjoyed everyone's great projects so far! Here is what I would like to share with you today:

This layout is way out of the norm for me. It has no pictures and it's very girlie! I also do not usually scrap about me or my thoughts, but I enjoyed working on this! And I love it how it turned out! I was able to use up some paper and embellies that I have had in my stash forever! I didn't have any black flowers or ribbon that worked with this layout so I had to make some. You can check out my video on how I did that.

This was the first time that I have included a stick pin in my layout. This one is courtesy of Dollhouse Diva on the Cricut Message Board! She sent me this in a swap and it worked perfectly with this layout, so thanks Diva!!

I cut my title from Cindy Loo, added some bling, and a rub-on by Pink Paislee and I can call this one the done and the first one in my yearly album!

Next up, Somanycrafts

Here is the blogs participating in our New Year's Day blog hop!

Papertreats-You are here!
Somanycrafts-Next stop!

Have fun on the rest of the blog hop! Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy crafting!!