Monday, August 24, 2009

I've added to my cartridge collection!

Hello, my name is Missy and I am addicted to buying Cricut Cartridges!!! Ok, so I am not as bad as some people, I just saw a post on the message board that someone had over 80 Cricut cartridges!!! All I can say is WOW! But this month I was elated that I snagged Simply Sweet off Ebay for $17! Can you believe that?!? I haven't gotten to play around with it yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance! And I have long awaited the arrival of Don Juan at my house! I ended up buying a machine with that cartridge in it for $45, and I am still trying to sell that personal Cricut, but I am so very happy to get my hands on that one!! Eventually, I will get some of that money back, so I can't be too upset! So be on the look out for some projects with those cartridges coming up soon! Happy crafting!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nap Mats with Freezer paper screen printing!

I made these nap mat covers for my twins to take to mother's day out. They were a breeze to make! It's basically just an oversize pillow case with a border on the top. Since the fabric was too busy to see their names, I had to add a border. If you haven't seen the freezer paper technique, you can go to Youtube and do a search for it. I hope that the little guys like them, and actually use them at school!! They have always slept in a crib (even last year at mother's day out), so hopefully they will not give their new teacher any problems! I guess we will find out tomorrow! Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teacher's first day of school gift.

Today is my oldest DS's first full day of first grade. Let's just say that this morning wasn't the smoothest and I hope that we get our schedule and routine down soon! But I did want to make something for his teacher's first day. And I saw the idea of stuffing a soda bottle with goodies on the Cricut Message board. It just so happens that I had a couple of empty bottle laying around. I stuffed it with Uniball pens, Expo markers, Sharpie's, Sharpie Minis, and some Crayola notepads out of the dollar bins at Michael's. I would have added more, but I ran out of time to get everything. I shredded some red tissue paper and put it on top and bottom to take up some of the empty space. Letters on the soda bottle and the apples are cut from Plantin Schoolbook. The letters on the card are Street Sign. All of it was made using leftover scraps from other projects, including some Halloween paper!! I think that it turned out cute and I think that she liked it. I hope so anyway! This was a fun gift to make and can be made for any occasion. Happy crafting!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

This is why I scrapbook.

My oldest DS has been dying to go back to Disney World. He doesn't remember much from the last time that we went. He asks me about two times a week if we can go back to Mickey's house. So I gave him the scrapbook that I made about our Disney vacation. He is having so much fun going through and looking at all the pictures and asking questions about what we did, what were the rides like, and can he take his own pictures the next time that we go back. I told him of course he can. But what I didn't tell him, was that we are already booked for a trip later this year with his Nanna and Da!! I can't tell him until we get closer to time to go because he would ask me twelve times a day, "Are we going to Mickey's right now in the morning?" So I have secret plans to make him a countdown calendar and autograph book for when we go back and I will let him in on the secret about a month before we go! He will be so excited! Nobody tell him, or I will have him call you and ask you when we are going everytime he asks me!!! Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thanks! card for teacher

Today's challenge at Robyn's website, My Pink Stamper, was to make something school related. And I thought that was a good idea!! I also saw a thank you card for a teacher in this months Creating Keepsakes. Only it was for the beginning of the year thanking the teacher for their dedication and service to the children! Another great idea!! So this will be for DS's soon to be new teacher along with a bag of goodies that all teachers could use. Some Expo markers, pencils, and Sharpie markers. Go figure, since hubby works for Sharpie who makes all that stuff!! (Teachers love us!) I think that this will be a nice gift for the new teacher and help get the year off to a good start! Happy crafting!!

Card base:DCWV
Apple:Plantin Schoolbook
Ribbon:American Crafts
White pen:Sanford
Font:Street Sign