Monday, October 18, 2010

Silhouette Pumkin with Cricut Cuts!

I had an accident while carving my pumpkin this weekend! I had tried to make my own Batman stencil and I messed up a cut and accidently cut him out! Next year I will have to take a little more time to draw it out. I didn't want to waste the pumpkin, but it had a big hole in it. So I came up with a way to salvage it. I cut out the house and ghost from Happy Hauntings out of some cardstock that I don't ever use. (It used to be black, but had faded. Perfect for this project!) I glued it to some parchment paper and put it inside the pumpkin. I would suggest using a battery operated light inside to keep anything from catching on fire. I had cut out some more to add to it, but the hole was too small. I think that I will add the fence and the tree back to it now that I know it looks a little sparse. I will update with some more pictures when I get it finished! Happy crafting!


Jenny B said...

What a way to salvage the pumpkin!!!!

Truthful Mommy said...

Great idea! I have done that before. I completely cut the part that was suppose to stay:) How someone with Masters degrees can't figure out a damn stencil,I'll never know.I wish I had read this article before that..I just tossed it:(Great save mama!

tomiannie said...

Very creative save! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!