Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birthday time again!!

It's time to start planning my twins birthday party again! Wow! I can't believe that they are turning six! Where does the time go? They have both agreed on a Lego birthday party at my house. This will be a first for us. It's always been easier to pay someone to host it for me!! But we are running out of locations for something new and exciting. So a party at home it is!! My goal for this Lego party is to keep to a budget. I want to stay around $100 for decorations, gift bags, and games. I got a great start at the Dollar Tree. Instead of paying an outrageous amount for the Lego plates and napkins, I am going to use primary colors. I found square plates, napkins, forks, tablecloths, and buckets. I really don't think that 15 six year olds will be wondering where the Lego napkins are!!! Pinterest has been a great inspiration!! I've found so many games and ideas for decorations. And to stay on budget, I will have to make almost all of the decorations! I will keep you guys posted! Happy crafting! Pin It


LindaC said...

You are so creative! This birthday party will be one they will remember and talk about for a long time. The primary colored plates and napkins are a great idea. I have no doubt this party will be an awesome success! LC

Anna said...

Happy birthday to your twins! Agree, Pinterest has been very helpful for me in getting inspiration. Hope you had an awesome birthday party!