Monday, July 21, 2008

Projects have taken over!!

I have been working on so much stuff that it seems like all my projects have taken over!! I signed up on the Personal Challenge on the Cricut MB and I think that my eyes were bigger than my time!! I am way behind and I am hoping to catch up this week! But add a party, a bathroom remodel, houseguests, and two appointments and I think that it is hopeless!!! Pictures have been printed, paper bought, and sketches made. Now I am off to find some time to work on these ten layouts, 3 cards, an altered item, and pictures for the boys bathroom!! I will let you guys know what I get finished!!!

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Scrapmommie25 said... worries! If you don't finish all that before the end of July no one is going to beat you with a wet noodle or anything! Just enjoy your life as is! You can just add them to August challenge. The challenges are personal challenges...not meant to rush you or make you think of your scrapping/cardmaking as a chore! We'll still love ya even if you don't get them completed! I'm not done with all mine either! Look forward to seeing your work when you are able to do it...and enjoy it!