Wednesday, November 17, 2010

25 Days of {homemade} Christmas Gifts-Day 3 magnets

These little magnets would be a perfect gift for a teacher, parent, or really anyone! If you buy supplies to make these, you could easily get several sets made.

Supplies for this project are:

Wooden clothespins-$2.33 for 24
Acrylic craft paint and brush-.59 for each color
Rubons and craft stick, stickers, or whatever you can come up with to decorate them.
Adhesive backed craft magnet sheet-$1.99

To get started, take apart your wooden clothespins, and paint them. Protect your workspace! The wood will soak up the paint pretty fast, but you still may get it on your table. If your clothespins need it, add a second coat.

Once they are dry, put the rub-ons. Cut out the design, and leave the backing on until you get your placement right. Use the craft stick to rub the design onto your clothespin. If your set didn't come with a craft stick, you can use a credit card or something similar. You could use stickers, adhesive jewels, or something else, get creative! I used leftover rub-ons from a class that I took forever ago!

After you are finished decorating, put them back together. Make sure you get them back the right way, or they won't be as springy!! (Ask me how I know!!)

Use your scissors to cut out a strip of the magnetic craft sheet for the back of the clothespin. Add that to the back and wrap them up! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a Michaels gift card! Happy holiday crafting!!


goatesgirl said...

very cute idea and I think this very well may be what I do for teachers this year...TFS

Ruth said...

That is such a cute idea!

Just popping in from the Wednesday hop (better late than never) and I'm now following your lovely blog. I can't wait to visit soon for more inspiration--I'm always looking for some! :-) Stop by when you get a chance!

living well, spending less

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

I have made these too and love them. I need to make myself another set and maybe some of my MOMS club friends, they could display their little artists' artwork so nicely on the frig!

Beth said...

very cute. All 3 projects so far have been creative. you do a great job on the directions to :)

Nadia said...

Super cute!!

Lucy said...

I love the vibrant colors you chose. So simple, yet creative and eye catching. Who wouldn't want to hang something from them?