Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning to use my Copics and Prismacolors

The first thing I found out about my Copics and Prismacolors, is that I need alot more colors! When you only have about 14 colors you can't blend and shade as well as you could if you had a light, medium, and dark shade of the same color. I did however, find out that on some of the darker colors, that I could use my gray Prismacolors to darken it up.

This was the first couple of times using my Copics and Prismacolors to color my one and only Tilda stamp, (isn't she cute!) Her hair looks a little flat, but it does have some shading that didn't show up on the pictures. Like I said, I need some more browns and skin colors!!

If you havnen't tried Copics or Prismas, then DON'T!!! They are addictive!! And then you have to have all of these cute stamps to go with it! I didn't know that there were so many cute stamps out there!

I hope to learn how to use these a little better, so you may see Tilda show up again! Well, that's it until next week. I am off to have my Lasik procedure this afternoon, so no getting on the computer for a couple of days. Have a wonderful weekend and happy crafting!

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LindaC said...

You are getting there with your coloring...keep practicing. One thing you can do when you need another color that is lighter is to use your blender pen to 'pick up color' off another marker. If you don't own R22 but have R24, just use your blender pen on R24, you will get a lighter version of R24 because the blender pen will dilute it some. I use this technique when I need a middle color and don't own it.