Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been tagged!!

My friend AshleeM, from the Cricut message board, has tagged me on her blog. You can read her blog here. So I need to list either six random facts about me, or seven strange things about myself. Then I am supposed to tag some others so they can play along. I am not sure that I can come up with that many, but we will see!

I think that I will go with six random facts, because some of you may not like me if I list all of my weird quirks!

Fact 1: My husband and I have been together since high school. A total of 16 years! But we didn't know each other until we started working at the Winn-Dixie together. Our high school had over 1,600 students, so we never saw each other there.

Fact 2: I am out of pictures to scrap. No, I'm not caught up, but at the moment, there aren't any pictures that I want to scrap.

Fact 3: I am addicted to the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. I have seen almost every episode and have only been grossed out once or twice. I even watch the re-runs.

Fact 4: My life is surrounded with multiple babies. I have twins, my best friend across the street is pregnant with twins, the neighbor behind me has triplets, and on the office floor that my mother in law works on (and where I used to work); her first boss had twin granddaughters, the other secretary has identical triplet grandsons, and she of course has twin grandsons. All were concieved with out fertility drugs except my neighbors triplets. This is the reason why my husband and I will NOT try to have a girl!!

Fact 5: I have lived in four different states and eight different houses since my husband and I have been married, ten years. He moves alot with his work, and we will probably move again within the next year or so.

Fact 6: My family is debt free, except for our house payment! We were blessed to find Dave Ramsey and start doing his debt snowball, and in April we paid off the last debt we had. No more debt for us ever!! We have saved up our emergency fund, which is step three. The next step is to save for retirement, then college, and pay off our house early. After that, get wealthy and give. I can't wait! If you've not heard of Dave Ramsey, check out his program at
You don't have to buy anything. His baby steps are listed on the site and he has a radio and tv program you can check out. Being debt free is awesome!!

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Ashlee said...

Thanks for playing along Missy! How fun to read! Wow with all the twins & Congrats to you for being debt free!!!