Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Art Night

I have been spending alot of time hanging out at the message board at A Cherry On Top. And this week they posted five Mini Monday Challenges, something I need to get me back to a regular scrap routine again. This layout is for challenge # 3. We had to answer questions about a summer trip to the beach. Our answers determined what we had to use on the layout. The first two questions left me with cardstock and two photos. The last question, well, gave me everything but the kitchen sink that I had to put on the layout!! Here is a list of what I had to add:

Paint or Ink-I used Ink
Epoxy/Acrylic/metal-I used metal
Stickers or stamps-I used stamps

I pulled out so many things and just piled them on my desk. Then after getting my photos matted and added to the blue cardstock, I just started using/adding all the embellishments! I had some great colors from the photos, lots of bright hues. I pulled it together in just a couple of hours. I thought that it would be alot harder than it was, but it definately got me thinking. I was afraid that it would end up looking too busy. I thought that an embellishment cluster would be the easiest way to add everything. Since I had a long list of stuff to use, I used up alot of my stash!! This was a fun challenge to do and I would participate again!! I hope you try it too! Happy crafting!

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