Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fiskars Project-Family Command Center

I thought that I would share a project that I saw on the Fiskars website. This is a Family Command Center! This is one of those projects where I said, "Geez, I wish I had thought of that!" I have a dry erase calendar and memo boards for all of our family activities. But all of those school papers tend to get lost and forgotten about until it's too late. This helps solve that problem and get everything a little more organized. I say a little more organized because with a family of three boys under the age of seven, there is not much you can organize!! You can make this to fit in your home and even make a pocket for each child! You can do so much with this. I thought about making a board with pockets to hold my photos that I want to scrap soon! There are lots of possibilities with this one. Check out the Fiskars website for more great projects. And you can check out this project here. Happy crafting!


LindaC said...

That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Twin Inspiration said...

I was given a blog with substance award, and was allowed to chose 10 other blogs to give one to. I hope you stop by my blog to pick yours up.