Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh my, I'm in love!-Vintage Chunky Charms

I am not sure why I joined a chunky charm swap on the Cricut message boards. I have never made one before. But now I must say that I am in love with these charms! I have thought about adding one of these to my purse, my keychain, and of course my scrapbooks. Maybe even just letting them hang around my craft room!

The theme for this group was vintage. I used some charms with a antiqued brass finish and some things that make me think old; A skeleton key, fancy bird, filigree heart, a reproduction of a vintage button, pink, green, and milk glass. I may add some ribbon to them, just to dress up the top a bit. Now on to the next group, which was creator's choice. I can't wait to see how those turn out! Happy crafting!


The Altered Life said...

I am in love with your charm!!! You can send me one!!!! He he he

The Altered Life said...

You can send me one! It is absolutely beautiful!!!

LindaC said...

Missy, I love these charms also...just one more thing to be addicted too. lol Your charm piece is a great combination of color and metal! I like it!