Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm not messy, I'm creative-Part 2

I have made some good progress on cleaning and straightening up my craft room, (these are the before pictures. I forgot to take after pictures before I started my next project, but I will post them soon!) My first step was to clear the room of anything that didn't belong in there. This included some Christmas decorations, leftover dining room items, dishes, an area rug (from the dining room), shoes, trash, and lots of toys!! I also noticed while cleaning, that I am really bad about putting away new things. There was a stack of Cricut cartridges that have been sitting on the table, waiting to be loaded onto my Gypsy and then put away.

A stack of paper at least six inches high was also just sitting there waiting to be put away. Once I got all the stuff out, my next step was to focus on one spot to clean up. I decided that since I have a five foot desk and can barely scrap in a 12 x 12 spot, that I would clean my desk top. The next time, I will focus on a different spot. If my hubby can tell that I have cleaned, then I must be making some real progress!! Until next time, happy crafting!!!


LindaC said...

You are a brave woman to tackle your craft room!

Jenny B said...

U go girl!!!!

mschiddy said...

Great job so far! I need to do the same in my craft room!

Ladybug said...

OMG, Missy, I can totally relate. If you've seen my craft space, you won't feel so bad. :-)

I really enjoy visiting your blog and looking at all your creations.

I have a Blog Award waiting for you on my website.