Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make your own bakers twine!

Baker's twine is showing up in everything lately, but it's hard to find and it's not very cheap! I wish that I could say that this was all my idea, because I love that I can make it with stuff on hand. But I saw a video on YouTube by UKmaryanne and followed her directions.

First start by protecting your ruler. I wrapped mine with a piece of cardstock and then taped it off. Next take some white cotton yarn and wrap it around your ruler and slide it together but don't let it overlap. Use your Copic, ProMarker, Prismacolor, or another marker to make lines on the yarn. I tried a Sharpie, but it didn't put out enough ink to soak through to the other side of the yarn. My Copic worked great.

Once it's dry, unwind it and it's all done! It's not a perfect match, but I love the fact that it's free! Happy crafting!


Melissa said...

So clever!!!! ...and so many color choices that way!!

Brenda said...

Love this idea!

LindaC said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! LC